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2013 Eastern Quarter finals vs. Penguins, game 3

Souvenir de Craig Dixon

As an Islander fan born in 1985 (post-dynasty era) I had only witnessed a few great moments on TV: ’93 miracle run, Bates’ penalty shot, Dubielewicz’s poke check, etc. When I finally had the financial means to become a ticket holder in 2011, I was excited about the potential of them becoming a playoff team. Finally in May of 2013, our Isles took on the heavily favored Penguins. I’ll never forget that 1st playoff game back at the Coliseum (game 3). Before I know it, we’re down 4-2 going into the 3rd. It seemed insurmountable against the Pens. We battled back that period and John Tavares scored the tying goal. My friend was so excited that he spilled his beer up in the air in celebration and our entire section got drenched. Not a single person was upset because it was such an exhilarating moment in a building longing for something to be excited for. We ended up losing that game in OT but that feeling in the building when it was all knotted up was something I will never forget.

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