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Bonding with my students at the middle school level

Souvenir de Glenn Robert


The best memory I have is the bonding that takes place with students in my 7th grade class. One was Anna, a Penguins fan. There was a hurricane that hit NY. A teacher lost his house due to a fire during the storm. When Anna heard what happened she made bracelets and sold them at her brother’s hockey games. She took all the money she raised and gave it to the teacher. When I found out what she had done I came home and went into my sports man cave. I had a Crosby auto photo on my wall. I took the picture off it and brought it to school the next day. I told Anna how proud of her I was for what she had done and handed her the autographed photo. As soon as she saw it Anna cried as she was so excited . Last week Anna came to visit me at the middle school and asked me to represent her at the HS senior awards ceremony as a Teacher That Made a Difference. It was one of the proudest moments I have ever had in teaching and one that was brought on by a relationship based on our love of hockey.

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