Marquez les 100 ans de la Ligue Nationale de Hockey avec Ben et Max!

Michael Grabner Game Used Stick

Souvenir de Claudia Marie

My husband was turning 40-years-old. He does not like attention so a party was out of the question. I wanted to do something special for the biggest hockey fan I know, especially during the last season for the New York Islanders at the Nassau Coliseum. So I sent a tweet to Michael Grabner, who wore number 40 as an Islander. My husband was a big fan of Michael. I told him that my husband was turning 40 and Grabner was his favorite player. I tweeted to him asking him if I could buy one of his sticks. He responded to me right away and said to meet him at the Coliseum the following day for a practice at 11 am. I got there at 10:30 and waited for Michael to arrive. When he did, he handed me a game used stick that said « Happy 40th Birthday » and was signed by Michael. I found the perfect gift to surprise my husband!

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